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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  December 23, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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bit of a disappointment for me, any way, in the president's willingness to compromise in ways that ip didn't think that he should be compromising and also in just kind of a lack of articulation of his own convictions on some of the bigger pieces of legislation. i.e., health care reform and the way that he has or has not lead on that legislation. >> krista, your grade and commentary? >> like chris since that's the assignment you've given me. >> it is the assignment. >> i would give him a higher grade than charles. i would say an a minus. agree on dealing with the second of the economy. a year ago today, we thought the world could be in store for a
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second great depression. right now we're worried about what is the level of consumer spending going to be. we're in a total different place. and not all of that is because of what the president did. and on health care reform, i'm much more positive than charles. i think that they will get something through and that is a historic achievement. it's something that is going to look a lot better as time goes on. right now we're watching the sausage being made and it's really unattractive. it will look a lot better a year from now and 25 years from now. >> don't you agree that part of that victory is a victory that the dems in congress can claim for themselves? i just have to go back because he hasn't given a lot of direction. >> true, but it wasn't his choice not to give them direction. that was a political tactic. >> just to drive people crazy, i give him a straight a. especially for his aspirations for this country.
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charles blow, thank you, sir. merry christmas to you. krista, to you, too. a big show tomorrow, airing tomorrow, thursday at 3:00 p.m. eastern. from all of us here, we give you a big merry christmas. right now it's time for "the ed show" with ed schultz. good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show" from minneapolis tonight. less than 24 hours before the final senate vote on the final health care bill, we have president obama -- i think he's word submitting. he told the washington post i didn't campaign on the health care bill. i know you don't want people to think that you're backtracking on a promise, but your base is smafrter than that. we realize you didn't actually say those magic words, but on the stump you made us believe that you would bring forth
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competition to the private sector. then going out and getting elected president and as president you had no problems spitting out those two nasty little words. >> i don't believe that government can or should run health care. but i also don't think insurance companies should have free reingn to do as they please. that's why any plan i sign, a one-stop marking place where you can compare the variety of plan, including a public option to increase competition and keep insurance companies honest. >> now, did i hear that properly? did i hear public option there? i do believe i went ten rounds with linda douglas and the white house on this using that very sound bite. but now your defense plrngs president s. that well, youen didn't campaign on it. who are we supposed to listen to more carefully?
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campaign, candidate obama or president obama? the bottom line, sir, is that, you know, we listen to what president's say. progressives are relieved and released this ad today. >> any plan i sign must include an insurance exchange, including a public option to increase competition and keep company's honest. >> if a mandate was a solution, we could try that to solve homelessness by mandating everybody to buy a house. the reason they don't have a house is because they don't have the money. >> president obama also said he
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that this to the washington post to the article, quote, i'm very enthusiastic about what we have achieved. nowhere has there been a bigger gap between the perceptions of compromise and the reality teas of compromise than in the health care bill. every single criteria for reform i've put forward is in the bill. folks, let me tell you something. the white house is developing a very bush-like characteristic. they don't like being held accountable. all they want us to believe is this is total victory. for the record, it's not just the progressive base that feel this is burned on this issue. there is the united states senator out there on record blaming the white house for why we have no publix russ feingold said the lack of support made the administration made keeping the public option an uphill
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struck g struggle. he finds himself under pressure to vote no on principle. joining me now, i want you to get your cell phones out on this, folks. i want to know what you think about this. tonight's tech survey is, do you believe president obama broke a promise on the public option? text a for yes and about for no at 622639. i want to be very clear here, gosh, ed is really going after obama tonight. i'm not. i want to talk about what progressives have been fighting for for so long. if we are afraid to hold people accou accountable and to their word, what are we doing this for? i thought we held people accountable because the bush administration was never held accountable on anything. and i've gotten a ton of e-mail
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on this. if we cave in on this and fight all the way to the finish s. it going to be this way when it comes to education? energy? the environment? tax cuts? doing some stuff for the middle class? are we going to see the purchasing of senators and votes on other key issues? if we don't fight now on this one, when are we going to fight? why give up? no, i'm not anti-obama. no, i don't want bush back or anyone like him in office again. but doggone it, if we're true to who we are, we have to have this discussion. joining me now is the co-founder of the bold progressives. i have to ask you a personal question tonight. you don't have to answer it. but, okay, i'm in my 50s. i'm not going to tell you exactly how old i am. but are you in your 20s or 30s? i want to make a point on this
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tonight. >> i'm in my mid-30s. >> you're in your mid-30s. >> yep. >> my friend, it doesn't matter. whether you're in your 20s or 30s, this, american, is exactly who put barack obama in the progressive movement in the majority? the last election. let's not forget that. and if we don't put up the fight f. we don't hold folks accountable, we stand to lose a demographic of americans that believed in hope, believed in fight, and were never told about senate purchasing of votes. it's special back door deals with corporations. so i think it's very important that we know who we're talking about here. the 20 somethings and 30 somethings are sitting on the fence in my post and saying, what? what is going on here? all right. >> you're absolutely right about that. >> well, if you want to follow up, maybe you disagree with me.
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what do you think? >> i do agree with you. and, you know, one thing that we're experiencing is that there's this visceral sense of betrayal felt by young people right now and a lot of the people that worked hardest to get president obama elected. you know, there can be no doubt that when people went to the polls in november 2008, they thought they were electing change you can believe in. they thought you were electing a guy who said, he would not let insurance lobbyists elect the rules. he would stand up for the little guys against these entrenched interest. and what we saw this week was the ditching ever a health care reform, the part that would hold these people and democrats are plotting themselves for passing at 33% approval rating, which is a mandate requiring that we break these broken insurance policies. you're right. it's time for accountability. >> adam, why do you think the president even gave that quote in an interview to the
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washington post? it found rather defensive to me. i never campaign on the public option. it's like he's catching a lot of heat and wants to redirect the interest of americans and the attention somewhere else, like this is really not a big deal. i never campaigned on it. what do you make on that? >> yeah, i tli you've put your finger on prior shows, which is this d.c. bubble. i think a lot of people in the white house have a check list and they have either a w. or an l or win or loss and they don't actually -- i think they are losing a little bit of touch. i had a fascinating conversation just a couple nights ago with a former obama team leader on the ground in wisconsin, the heartland. she was responsible for a bunch of people in the campaign. she said, we broke our vote goals. and what got people every day up was we thought he was on our side fighting for us. and she said, let me tell you, i'm in charge of organizing volunteers for him and it is really hard to motivate people to go out there and campaign for
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democrats right now when democrats in washington, d.c., are throwing the public option under the bus and seeming to side with corporate interest. that's not change we can believe in. and it will have a dramatic impact on 2010. >> adam, tell us what you are doing in wisconsin. you're putting pressure of the last 24 hours of feingold to vote. what are you doing? zur main goal is to get him to promise right now that he will and what are we doing? several things. we are organizing people like this that i just talked about in his home state to talk out. there's been media coverage over the last couple days encouraging him to be a hero. and it's time to organize the
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grassroots and marriage sure that the democrats don't go into this wlindly thinking that democrats aren't paying attention on the ground. this will really hurt democrats in 2010 if we ditch the public option. we need to fas. >> thank you, adam green. all the best to you. want to turn now to congressman alij gentleman cummings, a member of the maryland caucus. congressman, good to have you on tonight. does it matter that president obama campaigned on the publix option? yes or no? what do you think? >> i think it matters. but, ed, i've got to tell you, when the president spoke before congress in joint session, said, and i remember taking notes on, this said, i'd like to have a public option or give me something that will help control the costs. manage to that effect. and we've got to keep in mind, for russ feingold to vote against a bill tomorrow, that sends us in the wrong direction. we've come a long way.
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now, the president still has an opportunity. keep in mind, now, we seem to be forgetting that the house bill has a public option. and nancy pelosi and we are. >> the house and are determined to get as much as we can to have that public option. so we've still got more work to do. but the last thing we want to do is send a bill back because we may never see it again, at least not during my lifetime. >> okay. now, i really want to talk about that. i want you to explain that because -- >> sure. >> why not come back the next session of congress with something -- with more democrats getting elected in the midterm, pick up some more progressive seats in the house, and come right back in the next session of congress and do it again? i mean, if the people want it, if the american people really want reform, what is the loss of waiting one more year? i have to tell you, maybe i'm just too naive.
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maybe i'm not smart enough. what do you mean we can't bring it back for a lifetime? i think a lot of americans don't grasp that. >> ed, you are brilliant. but let me tell you -- and i wish i did not have to say this. but you've got to keep in mind that the american public expects us to get a meaningful health care reform bill through. they've realized that every 12 minutes somebody is dying because they don't have insurance. but they also realize that this was the number one issue that president obama ran on. and all i'm saying to you, ed, we are like on the five-yard line. we just have to take this ball across five yards after coming 95 yards and keep in mind, nobody else really got on the field. so we are there. what i think we need to be doing is encouraging president obama to get in and get even more involved with speaker pelosi and
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sit down and when these two bills come together to push together with the very things we're looking for 31 million people, getting insurance, that's major stuff. that's nothing you'll find no one more forceful with the public option. but i want to make sure that we come together and the president talked about the urgency at this point, being our moment. this was the president's moment to shine and to be a great inventor that he was during the campaign. and that's on principle and remind all of us, as we sit down to bring these two bills together, of the moral issues that were involved here. it's a moral issue.
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>> congressman, great to have you on. it's a fun part about doing this program. i guess maybe more i'm a river boat gambler on this. i understand what you're saying, there's a political reality to this. but i wonder what it would be like if the strength of obama has r, his political prowess with the 20 somethings, 30 somethings, if he were to go out on the campaign trail and take it to the republicans and say, i need more seats, uch got to get me more seats. you know what i want. we've worked hard for this. change takes a long time. we've just got to wait a little longer. help me out, i think he's that strong of a politician a generational leader. i really do. >> i do, too. but everything you just said, ed, we've got right now. this is miss moment. this is the president's moment. right now.
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and all we have is control over now. do you understand? this is our moment and this is his moment. by the way, you said the great purpose by coming and making sure that the progressive force has been heard already. >> thank you, congressman. appreciate your time. have a great holiday. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> coming up, if aig had a stocking, i'd stock it right from the top to bottom with nothing but coal. roy, the founding editor, is going to join us to blast off on that and, of course, the drugster has talked about one lies and lizz winstead is in the house with me tonight. you're watching "the ed show" only on msnbc. stay with us. like campbell's green bean casserole
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welcome back to "the ed show." earlier this year aig paid out more than $165 million in bonuses, even though the company
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was on taxpayer support. so far, $19 million has been given back and aig is selected to give out this dole out this spring. don't screw with the schedule now. aig is 80% owned by you and me, the taxpayer, the government, the obama administration. i think they need to put their foot down on this or at least send out a press release saying you don't like it. image the up roar if obama said and with that kind of garbage? no. but you sue see these would be workers. these wouldn't be front office paper shove letters. these would be workers and we sure can't give a bonus to a worker in america, can we?
6:23 pm
joining me now is roy seacuff. roy, you're a smiling face tonight. i mean, this is business as usual. merry christmas, my friend. exactly, ed. i woke up frustrated and then i said, wait a minute, they've already given back 45 million, 26 million, so not compared to the 38 billion, that's with a b, tax break that the irs just gave to citibank or the fact that we just found out that the four biggest banks have cut loans by $100 billion over the last six months. we're getting really mad about
6:24 pm
the big things and then lose the big outrageous, like the fact that they've gutted all of the financial reforms that would make sure that another aig didn't happen again. the derivative, where is that? amendment after amendment being voted down, being voted down by the democratic house. it's outrageous. >> roy, you know that they are just too big to fail and you also know that if we don't hand out all of these bonuses on wall street, we're going to lose some of the good people because nobody else can do this kind of work. and the real thing that has to happen is the people have gotten royally screwed. remember the transparency? that i hasn't happened. what i'd really like to do is
6:25 pm
get down to the facts of what really happened so we can prevent it from happening again. that's what we're not getting. we're getting the lobbyist -- can you believe, this ed he had 4 million credits went through and those are the outrageous that i think we should be getting upset about right before christmas. >> well, people have got to know that it's still business as usual and we've got a lot of mopping up to do. it's going to take a real dry mop. roy, great to have you on. have a great holiday. thank you so much. >> we'll see you, ed. >> you bet. >> coming up, we know this country has an obesity problem. but what may shock you is how many kids go to hungry every night. i'll tell you what you can do to put a stop to all of this by 2015. can we do that? that's next on "the ed show." stay with us.
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before you sit down over the big meal this holiday season, i want to you think about a couple of thinks. nearly one in four children in this country, the united states of america, struggle with hunger. three weeks before he was elected in office, president obama set a very lof tea goal to end childhood hunger by 2015. since then, we haven't heard much about this. is it getting worst, better?
6:30 pm
it's an epidemic in our country. where does it stand right now? joining me is bill shore, the founder and executive director of share our strength, a nonprofit organization, committed to ending child hunger. mr. shore, nice to have you with us tonight. during this holiday season, many of us in america are able to sit down with friends and family and have enough to eat. when i read this story, i thought s. this for real? is it getting worse or better the last five years? give us a picture of what it's been like. >> we're dealing with an issue of hunger that is at crisis levels like any we have ever seen before. one in four kids are hungry and 49 million americans are struggling with hunger and that includes 17 million kids. one in four kids in this country are on food stamps for the first
6:31 pm
time in the history of the country and a survey showed that in schools, a particular problem that is a poverty issue, is an education issue and health care issue. in school, 62% of public school teachers have kids in their class that are struggling because they have not gotten enough to eat. it's made a huge difference and because they lack food or we lack food and we lack food and
6:32 pm
it's not just about income, it's about what we're doing as a society in our behavior as much as anything else. doi hear that and we have federal zsh how do we change this? how do we help? how do we change this and turn this 12345r7bd what's the blue print to change this around? >> i think the by partisan support, programs like school lunch and kids getting enrolled in these programs. for example n. a lot of states, in most states, the kids who are enrolled in school lunch, which includes most of the kids in a low-income community, half of
6:33 pm
the kids get school breakfast. that's something that governors can do something about and school soup you soups can do something about. an issue of hunger is something that everybody can play a role in. that's what share our strength has been trying to do. >> share our strength. mr. shore, good to have you with us tonight. we'll shed more on this subject and talk about it in the coming year. it's something that we've got to beat in this country and enhance the living conditions of a lot of young people and i know that we can do its as a country. thank you for being here. >> thank you for bringing it to light. >> you bet. one of senator ted kennedy's closest friends is going to be here to tell us what the liberal line would have really done in the end with the senate health care bill, would he really go for it. and somebody out there wants to give schumer the man of the year award? better believe it. and balloon boy parents,
6:34 pm
they are going to the clank. stay with us. we're right back with "the ed show." llo. i'm wearing my older sister's jeans that she ruined with bbq sauce... or so i thought. see, my mom washed them with this tide stain release in-wash booster stuff. she's all, "you use it with your detergent to help get stains out the first time." are you kidding me? so now the stains are magically gone. and my sister passes on her jeans to me. what a life. [ female announcer ] tide stain release. stains out. no doubt.
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assuming there are no surprises, the health care bill will be a done bill in about 12 hours. but you can't trade a bill with a strong public option and call it reform because it is not. many progressives, including my next guest, are saying, kill the bill. joining me now is calling it a national disaster. darcy, nice to have you on tonight. >> thank you. >> is there anything that you can move forward with? >> the extension of coverage is
6:38 pm
fantastic. but the lieberman version of the bill rather than fix our health care system and putting patients ahead of profit tearing simply institutionalizes the worst problems in our system. and insures that private insurers are the only choose that the american public is going to have. did doesn't do enough for choice or competition. >> how confident are you that the representatives coming out of the house, the conference committee, we don't know who they are right now, are going to push hard enough to push this in conference committee and make the changes after some of the things that joe lieberman and kent conrad have said, it's got to come back the same way that the senate has got to send it out. what about that? >> it's certainly that and nobody that i'm talking to on the house side thinks that they have 218 votes for the senate
6:39 pm
bill. it's not -- frankly, the senate bill is shameful compared to what came out of the house. the house bill was deeply compromised but at least had the provision in place for choice and competition that would have put us on the right track. the senate bill, all of that has been stripped out on behalf of joe lieberman and ben nelson. >> okay. kill the bill. you heard elijah comings saying that this is obama's moment, this is the chance to do something that hasn't been done. i afry this is president obama's moment and as somebody as who is incredibly supportive of him who is rin running, i want him to see up to his potential. he needs to demonstrate the real leadership that the american people have believed that he was capable of and fix this bill so
6:40 pm
that what we get for the american people is on the path to a fixed health care system. that would be simply handing more and more money to insurance companies, requiring that 30 million buy money from private insurance companies without addressing the competition problem ors cost problems adequately. >> and what do you make of the comment, i didn't campaign on the public option? ze did campaign on the public option and it's very convenient for him to play politics. i think it's better than what we are seeing of him right now. i believe he has the ability to make the right things happen on this bill. what needs to come out of conference is a whole lot closer of the house bill than the senate bill and needs to make sure that after it comes out of conference it gets through the senate. he has the capacity to do that. he needs to step up and do it for the sake of the people. >> so you think the president did campaign on the public
6:41 pm
option? >> yes. >> our political team, you know, their position is, and factually, the president is correct when he tells the washington post he did not campaign on the public option but after he became president he did move forward and make numerous statements about his support for it. but does it matter? i think it's immaterial. i think it's unclear what the president wanted and now we don't have that. so how does that sit with you? >> well, i think that having it in his key position paper as well as he was campaigning, having it up on his website indicates some support for the public option while he was campaigning. while he was campaigning he was pro public option and
6:42 pm
anti-mandate. bob, nice to have you on tonight. >> you're a master of campaign. you've been around them all your life. what about this comment that president obama made to the washington post saying that he didn't campaign on the public option. they are kind of twisted on that one. what do you think? >> i think the president is on the verge of an historic achievement. if we walk away with banning insurance companies with banning coverage for pre-existing coverage, preventing them from canceling people when people get sick f. we do that, we're not going to come back to this issue for six years, ten year, 15
6:43 pm
years, 20 years. this country needs to come forward. practically i don't know what they think president obama is supposed to do. is he supposed to mud wrestle joe lieberman? the fact is, you've got to get 60 votes in the senate and 218 votes in the house and if this is pulled off and i think it will be, it will be a tremendous tribute to the president, harry reid, and to nancy pelosi. last summer when i worked with him and i know they spent a lot of time talking about the issue, about six weeks before he died on a cover piece for newsweek, right in that piece he was insistent that we say that there's going to have to be compromise, that the bill was going to be i am perfect we went
6:44 pm
through this in 1993 and '94. let's not make the same mistake again. >> what should the president do about the base that is somewhat disgruntled with this and to the fact that they are doing robo calls and these are people that believed in the home and was there with the president all along? the technology is new but the reality is not new. franklin roosevelt sat and
6:45 pm
waited until congress shaped social security because they thought it couldn't be passed. that bill passed and then two years later voting rights passed. so people have to understand that when you look back at sort of those who have defined progressive change in this country, those that have defined liberal progress and moving forward. >> i guess your red headed friend would be a great tea liberal. is that right? >> no. i understand people's frustrations here. it's not going to pass. i've been in this fight for 40
6:46 pm
years. we're on the verge of winning this fight. i think we ought to take the victory, understand it, and in the years ahead see if we can make it better. >> borks great to have you on. happy holidays. thank you for joining us. all the best. >> thank you. bye. >> you guys are on this right off the top and and what do you want for christmas? >> i want to spend time with my wife and family down in suffolk, virginia, vea a good opportunity to put politics aside and get charged up for the new year. that would be my great christmas president, ed. >> i can take that in a
6:47 pm
heartbeat. jack rice, how about you? >> i'm going to sit down with my wife and four daughters and let them mess with me for the next 24, 48 hours. it's fantastic. >> i asked both of you that question because i want our audience to know that you guys and all the people that we bring on this program are not just talking heads, they have real lives and they mean a lot to us. do you believe that? >> no, i don't. this is an historic opportunity for the united states congress to make a kol loss sal mistake.
6:48 pm
and not really meaningful health care reform. >> jack rice, your take at this hour? the vote is tomorrow morning at 8:00. what do you think? >> i'm thrilled that there's 31 million more people going to be covered. i'm thrilled that the caps are there, that the pre-existing issues are all there. the real problem is the structural failures here. i love the house bill much more than the senate bill. and i think it's historic and to say that it's unique, let me take you back to medicare part d. let's take a look at what the republicans failed to do. ron and i disagree on both things. on this issue, we can see the problems but this isn't the first time we've seen these
6:49 pm
similar problems. >> the only thing -- >> and we expect -- >> i struggle with that myself. >> i know. we actually all agree on that same point. i'm with you there. >> and on that point, you guys have a great holiday season. great to have you with us. regularly on the program. take care. >> thank you. all right. coming up, the three stooges of the death panel, they make it to psycho talk. you're watching "the ed show." stay with us. so many arthritis pain relievers --
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is. our friends asked other friends to vote on lie of the year. they selected death panels. on the same day that report came out, america's most foremost expert in will destroy the greatest health care system in the world as you and i are aware. this will forever change our relationship with the doctors because the government is going to be pay a very powerful middle man. there are death panels in this bill and this is what harry reid says cannot be repealed. >> and it's just this morning on fox that dick morris just couldn't help but continue the lie of the year.
6:54 pm
>> they are going to be and it's beyond the cost parameters that we're prepared to allow and this will be done by this federal board. which is really the death panel that sarah palin was talking about. >> well, dick, sarah palin is still talking about it. the originator of the death panel lie thought it needed a little reinforcement with a holiday tweet and she tweeted with the quote almost like military language here. merged bill, maybe unrecognizable. from what assumed was a done deal. are death panels back in? what is punishment for not mandating health care? republicans must be pretty desperate if this is the only thing that they can come up with in the last 24 hours of this debate. this lie of the year, trifecta
6:55 pm
is fraud u lent psycho talk. coming up this week, tom co-burn prayed for a colleagues misfortune. michele bachmann prayed for reform to die and senator inhoff better pray because lizz winstead is in club he had a so stay with us. ♪ sometimes it's the little things, like the rich, creamy taste of cool whip, that turns a moment into a memory. the one and only cool whip. make the moment. make it cool whip.
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welcome, lizz winstead. how is that going to work? is that going to be okay? >> it's going to be great. basically, just sit there and we'll do the year in psycho talk. it's going to be saw some. amongst other things in the evening, you sit there. you know the drill. you're good and you're cheap. >> what's your analysis of what is going on? >> it's horrifying to see people calling in and then dobson pops in on the call to weigh in on his two cents to get a jab i


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